Staff Assembly

Staff Assembly

Charge: To create and develop a space and outlet for staff to participate in the School of Public Health through activities, information sharing and actions that deal with involve and/or affect staff. It engages in staff development activities including a Staff Wellness Initiative as one of its main focuses and other activities in keeping with the School’s Mission.

SPH Staff Assembly Bylaws



Executive Committee
Assembly Chair – Will Monson
Assembly Vice-Chair – Molly Ariail
Secretary/ Treasurer – Douglas LeBlanc
Assembly Communications Officer – Laura Ricks
Assembly Parliamentarian – Tina Lefante
Assembly Office At-Large A – Joseph Gautier
Assembly Office At-Large B – Anna Brewer
Assembly Office At-Large C – Jasmine Meyer
Assembly Office At-Large D – Jairus Ballard
Assembly Office At-Large E – Patricia Arteaga
Assembly Chair (Ex Officio) – Mack Giancola

Wellness Committee

Hospitality Committee
Members: TBD
Charge: To provide a hospitable atmosphere for current Staff Assembly members and to welcome new staff members into our community. This includes but is not limited to providing refreshments at Staff Assembly meetings, introducing new staff members at monthly meetings, and acquainting new staff members with the SPH campus, as well as the entire LSUHSC-NO campus.

Communications/Technology Committee
Members: TBD
Charge: To manage the internal and external communications of the SPH Staff Assembly and provide oversight of various channels of communication used by the assembly. The Committee is responsible for enacting policy, exploring and recommending new methods of communicating as technology develops.

Fundraising Committee
Members: TBD
Charge: The mission of the fundraising committee is to generate funds for the SPH Staff Assembly. Our goals are to develop and organize fundraising plans/events, solicit ideas for fundraising from assembly members, communicate with assembly members regarding fundraising events, and oversee the use of raised funds to support the mission and charge of the entire Staff Assembly.

Planning Committee
Members: TBD
Charge: The Planning Committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining the priorities of the School of Public Health Staff Assembly. It’s duty is to assure continuity of policy to achieve short and long term goals. The committee will do so by collecting information from the other committees and staff to identify priorities, and establishing benchmarks.

Staff Development Committee
Members: TBD
Charge: The staff development committee is responsible for planning education and interactive meetings that provide opportunities for staff to get to know each other on a different level other than day-to-day work and to expand their knowledge base in various areas such as management development and computer expertise. Personal Development will improve/increase skill sets and staff will gain more knowledge.