First Friday Podcast

Welcome to the First Friday Podcast from the LSU School of Public Health!

Moving from our popular Zoom series of the same name, First Friday will continue to have discussions with faculty, staff and students here at the school about current public health topics and the work being done here in Louisiana. With topics ranging from outbreaks to environmental activism to writing better health policies, the First Friday podcast will hopefully share the vastness of the field of Public Health. Just like Public Health itself, there will be something for everyone in our coming episodes!

Meet Our Host

Hasheemah Afaneh is a Palestinian-American public health professional and writer. An LSU School of Public Health MPH alumna (2018), she currently works as a Program Administrator at the LSU Center for Evidence to Practice, managing a behavioral health crisis workforce training and development program. Like many millennials, she’s an avid listener of all kinds of podcasts and believes it to be a fun way to learn about what’s going on in the world.

Latest Episode

Join us on the first Friday of every month at the LSU School of Public Health while we sit down with experts in their fields to discuss what public health looks like in the real world. For this month’s First Friday episode, Hasheemah spoke with a very special guest, Amy Zapata, director of the Louisiana Bureau of Family Health. They discuss the state of maternal and child health in Louisiana and the role of government and funding in expanding access to services and improving health outcomes.