All faculty members are required to undergo the CITI and HIPAA Compliance Training.  All Staff involved with research or community projects are required to obtain CITI and HIPAA training as well.  All students are required to complete CITI and HIPAA training by the end of their first academic year of enrollment at the School.  To ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations, the LSUHSC Compliance Office maintains the training history of all faculty, relevant research staff members and students regarding HIPAA, and send notices when new training or refresher certifications are required.

Training Required to Participate in Research

Individuals must be authorized to conduct or participate in research activities via an approved IBC, IRB, and/or IACUC protocol and must complete all appropriate training prior to beginning any research activity. Click on the training requirements link below to view or print a guide to assist in determining the applicable training required for each individual. Other specialized training may be required depending upon the research activities to be performed.

Training Required for Research lists courses, frequency and source to complete training.

Failure to complete training by any project team member will delay approval to IBC, IRB and IACUC applications and amendments.

Research provides the path forward towards a healthier world. We encourage students to become involved in conduct researching research during their time at the School.  In addition, all students are required to learn about the ethical conduct of research. Information on this is  available on page 40 of the Student Handbook.

Knowledge Delivery System (KDS) is a web-based training program managed by the LSUHSC-NO Office of Compliance. Individuals must have an LSU logon ID to access KDS. Individuals can log into their own KDS account to obtain their completion dates of training and to request training course required that have not been assignedSelf-study training will NOT be accepted.

  • LSUHSC-NO employees, students and gratis members must complete their compliance training online through KDS. New personnel must wait for their LSU logon ID to complete their training online.
  • For Non-LSUHSC study team members, the Principal Investigator can ask their department business manager to request a LSUHSC user log name for study team members to allow access to the KDS training. Comparable alternative training may be accepted upon documentation for some specific training requirements.

LSUHSC-NO Environmental Health & Safety has task-specific training modules: EH&S.

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative is an independently-contracted service provider: CITI. An LSUHSC-NO server user ID is NOT required. Individuals create their own user accounts. Individuals can transfer CITI credits from one institution to another by adding affiliations to their account. Click here for Instructions on how to create a CITI account and select course.

Click here to view the Compliance Training Expiration Schedule

Training Required for FACULTY AND EMPLOYEES (Continuing Compliance Education):  Click Here

Training Required for STUDENTS (CITI Program once you have obtained your CITI account):  Click Here

Once you are log-in:

Question 1. Choose:
Biomedical Research – Basic/Refresher

Question 2. Omit 

Question 3. Choose:
Social, Behavioral, and Education (SBE) Sciences (RCR)

Question 4. Omit 

Question 5. Choose “Yes” 

Question 6 and 7. You can choose to take or omit these modules.