To advance the public’s health and well-being through education, research and service with a focus on issues affecting Louisiana.


A healthier Louisiana with a workforce addressing the core functions of public health, equipped with data and knowledge, and supported by LSU’s faculty, students and staff.


Collaborative. We foster a culture that values and rewards collaboration at all levels of the university: across disciplines; among faculty, staff, and students; with other universities and institutions; and those we serve.

Creative. We nurture ingenuity throughout all areas of the university by creating a culture that encourages excellence, risk-taking, and an open-minded approach to challenges, while also recognizing and rewarding emerging talent and ingenuity.

Culturally Adept. We celebrate our own uniqueness combined with an awareness and respect of local and global values and beliefs, which help to strengthen the intellectual environment and support our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Globally Engaged. We understand that global events and culture affect our university, just as our scholarship, discovery, and experiences contribute to the world around us. Only through a conscious and consistent effort to connect with our global neighbors can we ensure that we advance the greater good for our entire planet.

Innovative. We innovate in the classroom, through discovery, and during engagement with the community. Innovative thinking across the university can help solve the challenges of those we serve and enhance LSU’s role as a global leader.

Transformative. We are a catalyst for transformation; a force for good that changes lives and makes a significant, positive impact on the world around us.

Diversity Statement

LSUHSC School of Public Health is committed to increasing diversity in public health education, research and practice by providing impartial opportunities to individuals and populations, regardless of race, ethnicity, economic status, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, political affiliation, veteran status or national origin. This commitment is reflected in its recruitment, admission, employment, and retention of students, faculty and staff.


  • Education
    1. Recruit and retain qualified students and prepare them to improve the public’s health.
    2. Produce graduates to fulfill the public health needs of Louisiana and the nation.
    3. Demonstrate excellence in teaching quality.
    4. Enhance our diverse student body, qualified to appropriately address public health issues.
  • Research
    1. Increase success in faculty research applications by capitalizing on LSUHSC resources
    2. Increase students’ participation in research.
  • Community Engagement and Service
    1. Insure involvement in community service.
    2. Demonstrate excellence by faculty in extramural service.
    3. Assure community relationships with faculty, staff, and students.
    4. Insure that the workforce is developed / educated in scientific areas that reflect the serious health issues in Louisiana.
  • Diversity
    1. Prepare students to address the changing needs of society, diverse in economic status, race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and sexual identity.
    2. Address health disparities by race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation/identify and economic status.
    3. Enhance diversity and appreciation of diversity within the School of Public Health