Public Health Research aims to prevent or reduce premature death, and lessen the effects of disease and disability. With changes in health care, biotechnology, population demographics, globalization, emerging pathogens, environmental and climate threats, obesity, and disease burden, there has never been a more exciting time to be involved in research within the disciplines in Public Health!

Research at the School focuses largely on those issues of greatest relevance to our population, and includes studies of the Gulf Oil Spill, Hurricane Katrina-related exposures, obesity, tobacco use, causes of cancer, health disparities and vulnerable populations, HIV related diseases and services, birth outcomes, and quality of life issues. Our research enterprise is integrated with the other pillars of public health- education, community involvement, and policy issues.

This section of the website has been designed to inform you- students, staff, faculty, researchers, and the community, about what we are working on, new opportunities, guides to applying for funding, and research resources.

Qingzhao Yu, PhD.
Interim Associate Dean for Research