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The Women and Their Children’s Health Study (WaTCH)

WaTCH stands for Women and Their Children’s Health, a collaboration between LSU School of Public Health in New Orleans and University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health. We are a local group learning about the potential long-term health effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill on women and children in Louisiana.Thank you to the many women and children who have taken time to share their experiences with us! Very little research has been done on this ever, anywhere. There’s a lot we need to learn so we’re better prepared in case of future spills—things like: how do communities bounce back after something like this? How can we protect future generations?

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Here’s what some of our participants have said:

“I’m just so excited that the information you get from me really helps!”

“I wouldn’t do this for anyone except LSU!”

“I’m involved in mental health, I think that the general public doesn’t realize how affected they were. I think everyone was affected, we live in a disaster-prone environment.”