The Biostatistics and Data Sciences program at our School of Public Health has a clear educational mission: to train students in statistical, computational, and data science methods to apply the methods to tackle intricate challenges within public health and biomedical research. Our program is designed to foster a profound comprehension of statistical theory and data science methods for Ph.D. students while also emphasizing the practical applications of biostatistics and data science in public health research and practice for MS, MPH, and Ph.D. students.

By completing our program, graduates acquire a diverse skill set that enables them to design and conduct research and clinical studies, analyze complex datasets, interpret results, and effectively communicate findings to various audiences, including researchers, policymakers, and the general public. Additionally, our graduates contribute to the formulation of policies and guidelines concerning the utilization of data in healthcare and public health. Our program prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities. Over the years, our graduates have secured positions in local and federal government entities, such as the Department of Education of Louisiana, prestigious research institutes like the National Institutes of Health, universities, hospitals, and industries, including insurance companies and pharmaceutical firms.

Furthermore, our program is actively involved in research endeavors and community outreach initiatives aimed at advancing the field of biostatistics and data sciences while striving to improve public health outcomes. We contribute to the advancement of health and disease understanding by developing and applying statistical methods and data science techniques.

We also engage in collaborations with researchers from diverse disciplines, assisting them in extracting meaningful insights from complex datasets and developing novel statistical methodologies for emerging areas in biomedicine. Notably, our faculty members lead biostatistics centers/cores such as the Comprehensive Alcohol-HIV/AIDS Research Center, Center for Translational Viral Oncology, LSU Superfund Data Management and Analysis Core, and Louisiana Clinical and Translational Science Center. Additionally, our faculty members secure external research funding as Principal Investigators for esteemed programs like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Defense (DoD) for developing and applying new statistical methods for breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Overall, the primary mission of our biostatistics and data sciences department is to enhance human health by conducting rigorous statistical analysis and data interpretation. Through our research activities and collaborations, we strive to contribute to the ongoing progress in the field, ultimately making a positive impact on public health.

Lin, Hui-Yi Professor & Interim Program Director
Fang, Zhide Professor
Mercante, Donald Professor
Oral, Evrim Associate Professor
Yu, Qingzhao Professor & Interim Associate Dean for Research
Program contact:

Hui-Yi Lin, PhD
Interim Program Director and Professor
Phone: 504-568-6083; Email: