Our Mission

The LSU School of Public Health mission states that our goal is for “a healthier Louisiana with a workforce addressing the core functions of public health, equipped with data and knowledge, and supported by LSU’s faculty, students and staff.” Your education here will give you a real-world, practical experience that you will be able to take with you into your future career.

As we tell our students: Change the World. Start in New Orleans.

Courses are developed in direct relationship with the degree’s competencies to ensure all students achieve the needed skills to thrive in a real world setting. School and program competencies were decided upon through a collaborative process consulting school faculty, peer institutions and professional organizations in public health disciplines.

The Disciplines We Offer

The Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center School of Public Health (LSUHSC SPH) provides five competency-based degree programs:

Through their chosen degree, students attain the requisite knowledge and skills to engage successfully in today’s public health practice, research and teaching.

But what discipline should you choose?

Biostats? Epi? EHCS? CHSP? Listen, between all of the acronyms and options in general, we get that it may be a little – or a lot – confusing to understand and pick the path that’s right for you as you explore Public Health graduate programs here at LSU.

But who doesn’t love an internet quiz?! Take our “Which Public Health Discipline Are You?” quiz and find out if you may be more of a future epidemiologist or if you are bound for a career in community science.  Sure, it’s not quite the same as finding out with HP house you are in or what type of cat you are but this is still pretty cool!

To take the quiz, simply click below:

Joint Degree Programs

Public Health plays an important part in every health science – after all, keeping the community healthy is the first step towards helping prevent the issues that doctors, veterinarians and social workers see every day in those they care for.

It is with that understanding that the LSU School of Public Health has created joint degree programs that provide students who are studying patient care in those fields an opportunity to combine their primary focus with completing a Masters of Public Health.

Our Joint Degree programs include:

It is important to note that the application process for each of these programs begin by applying to the primary program you are interested in (Veterinary, Medical, Social Work) and upon admission, completing an abbreviated process here through the School of Public Health.  Each program has different application materials and process.

Be More than a Number

Are you looking for a place that will know your name and not treat you just like a number?  That’s exactly the experience you’ll get at the LSU School of Public Health.

With a student to teacher ratio of 3:1, our faculty takes the time to get to know each student’s passions.   This individualized attention means that every student has the support that they need to succeed.  Through feedback, idea sharing and the support of small class sizes, set our students up to achieve the necessary skills for a modern Public Health workplace.

These one on one interactions with faculty also mean many students find themselves a part of the important work that the faculty is doing. Whether it be in the fields research, community development and policy change, the opportunities to participate and form connections at LSU School of Public Health are numerous.

Let the Good Times…and Learning…Roll in New Orleans

Coming to New Orleans is maybe the easiest part about deciding to join us at LSU School of Public Health!  Complete with its legendary history, food, music, festivals, sports and yes, lots of “good times”, life in the Big Easy is like life nowhere else.

The LSU Health campus in New Orleans has a long history in the city and serving the residents of the area.  The School of Public Health plays a big role in that connection and our students benefit from our strong ties to the community.  It affords those who study here an opportunity to work directly with the organizations that make Public Health possible in New Orleans, giving them hands-on experience and tangible skills that you get take with you into your future endeavors.

Once students arrive on campus, they’ll be able to work with the faculty to find projects in the area that most closely fit their passions!

For a brief history of the city and some resources for learning more, please check out our website here.

Your Resources as You Begin to Apply

The information on this website represents the current curricula, educational plans, offerings, and requirements, which may be altered from time to time to execute the purposes and objectives of the Louisiana State University System. The LSU System reserves the right to change any provision, offering, or requirement at any time within a student’s period of study in the LSU System.

For a better understanding of current processes and for any questions about the LSU School of Public Health Academic Affairs Team.

Office of Academic Affairs – Admissions and Student Affairs Staff

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: Kari Brisolara, ScD, MSPH; 504/568-5725

Student Recruitment Specialist: Courtney Martin ; Office: 504/568-5746 or Work Cell: 504/655-3681

Admissions Coordinator: Isabel Billiot, M.Ed.; 504/568-5773

Academic & Student Affairs Coordinator: Martha L. Cuccia, MPH, MCHES; 504/568-5789

Director of Bachelor of Science in Public Health Program: Elizabeth Levitzky, MBA, PhD; 504/568-5744

The LSUHSC School of Public Health uses a centralized admissions system by the Association of Schools and Programs in Public Health’s Schools of Public Health Application Service (SOPHAS)*.

You may access the SOPHAS website to see all of the LSUHSC deadlines for admissions for fall, spring and summer enrollment.

All applications must be processed through SOPHAS, unless otherwise noted.

*Exceptions to the use of SOPHAS include the Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) and joint degree programs (MD/MPH, MSW/MPH, DVM/MPH).

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