Continuing Education Program in Occupational & Environmental Health

É C O L E is an interprofessional education (IPE) program funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) to address emerging technologies in occupational health and safety.  The primary purpose of the program is to provide continuing education to current occupational health professionals and industrial hygienists in the field on new and emerging technologies.  An interdisciplinary team of faculty with representation from Business, Law, Public Health, Environmental Science, and Health Geography will develop and lead a series of workshops, drawing on their own expertise and applying the tools/methods of their respective fields to occupational health.

ÉCOLE Core Strategy

Provide training in the area of emerging technologies in occupational health and safety through interprofessional, field-based instruction in the form of workshops and one additional graduate course.

Utilizing a watershed approach, further augment workforce diversity.

Boost the dissemination of this training in emerging technologies through the participation of non-traditional students (such as those from Business and Law) in the workshops and one graduate level for-credit course.

ÉCOLE Multi-Institution Collaborative

Louisiana State University Health Science Center, New Orleans (LSUHSC-NO)

University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC)

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge (LSU-BR)



Contact Information:

Kari Fitzmorris Brisolara, ScD, MSPH, QEP
É C O L E Collaborative Director
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Associate Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
School of Public Health
2020 Gravier Street, 3rd Floor
New Orleans, Louisiana 70112