Participate in WaTCH Research

We are currently conducting two additional studies that focus on stress among women who live in coastal Louisiana, whether you experienced the oil spill or not. To participate in either study, you must have completed at least one WaTCH telephone survey.

graphic_1One studygraphic_female1 involves taking a brief online survey on stress. It should take about 15 minutes to finish. After you complete the survey, you will receive a $10 thank you from us.

graphic_2The other study involves testing a smartphone app designed to teach you mindful meditation. Regular meditation can be an effective treatment for stress, worry, lack of focus, relationship problems, and more. It can lead to peace of mind and greater well-being, focus and creativity, and better relationships.

Many people spend many hours training with a special teacher in a special school to learn how to practice mindful meditation. This study, however, is testing an app to be your very own personal trainer.
To participate, you must:

  • Have access to a smartphone or computer onto which you can download the app
  • Download the app for free using our redemption code
  • Be willing to spend 10 minutes per day in guided audio meditation sessions for 30 days
  • Take a brief survey at the end of the 30 days

After participation, you will:

  • Be able to use the app for free for 12 months
  • Have learned techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, improve creativity, focus, and personal relationships
  • Receive a $10 thank you from us.

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