Practice Experience

The MPH Practice Experience is a structured project or activity that immerses the student in one or more aspects of public health operations under the guidance of a preceptor. This fieldwork gives students the chance to apply their academic training in a professional setting. Students build on their skills and knowledge as they work under the guidance of and with public health practitioners. Many students find their practice experience informs their future career choices.

Placement Sites

LSUHSC School of Public Health students are placed in local, state and national organizations, agencies and companies. Students work in centers or programs devoted to the health of populations, including the prevention of disease and injury, promotion of health education, health policy and advocacy, and service delivery. The practice experience is designed to be beneficial to both students and the sites that host them. Students can request contact information on placement sites by emailing Yvette Merritt at

Interested in Becoming a practice placement site?  Information for Potential Sites and Preceptors

Practice Experience Planning

Students work with their advisers and the Director of Public Health Practice to identify sites, programs and projects that meet their academic and career interests.

Practice Experience Handbook
Frequently Unasked Questions
Preceptor-Student Agreement
New Practice Site Request
Information Session Recording

Practice Experience Course Requirements

Students complete a minimum of 200 hours of fieldwork, and earn 3 credit hours towards graduation. Registration is required into PUBH 6800: Practice Experience to earn credit.

Student Work Log
Progress Report
Evaluation of Practice Experience
Preceptor Evaluation of Student Performance

Contact Information: Yvette Merritt, MPH, Coordinator of Public Health Practice & Community Engagement and Instructor
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