É C O L E is a multi-institutional occupational health collaborative, funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), developed to address emerging technologies in occupational health and safety.  The collaborative has partnerships with and is advised by members from academia, government, and industry.  ÉCOLE consists of an organizing committee, faculty, and an advisory board.

Organizing Committee

The organizing committee for the collaborative consists of principal investigators from the three lead institutions:  Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center – New Orleans (LSUHSC-NO), Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge (LSU-BR) and the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center (UTHSC).


Part of ÉCOLE’s core strategy is to provide continuing education to current occupational health professionals and industrial hygienists in the field on new and emerging technologies through a series of workshops.  An interdisciplinary team of faculty with representation from Business, Law, Public Health, Environmental Science, and Health Geography will develop and lead the workshops, drawing on their own expertise and applying the tools and methods of their respective fields to occupational health.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board will provide students with direct links to industry via three tiers –regulation, technology, and practice. The board will serve to evaluate the program’s translational quality and sustain the applicability of emerging technology training to current industry and governmental concerns. This Advisory Board will provide field knowledge of trends and concerns related to emerging technologies from a broad spectrum of industries to shape future workshop topics.