Andrew Chapple, PhD

Assistant Professor


LEC 264




Biography & Expertise

Dr. Chapple joined the LSUHSC Biostatistics program as an assistant professor in August 2018. He graduated from LSU in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a concentration in statistics. He then completed a master’s degree in applied statistics at LSU under the guidance of Dr. Luis Escobar in 2014. He received his PhD in statistics in May 2018 from Rice University. While at Rice, Dr. Chapple worked with Dr. Peter Thall from the MD Anderson Cancer Center biostatistics department, developing two novel clinical trial designs and a variable selection method for semi-competing risks data. His specific interests include: clinical trials, Bayesian methods, survival analysis, variable selection, categorical data, econometrics, and teaching. Dr. Chapple hopes to collaborate with clinicians to improve clinical trial conduct and research.


MS Statistics Rice University 2018
PhD Statistics Rice University 2018
M.Ap.St. Experimental Statistics Louisiana State University 2014
BS Mathematics Louisiana State University 2012

Selected Publications

Christiansen, B. J., Chapple, A. G., & King, B. J. How Much Weight Loss Can Be Expected After Treating Mandibular Fractures? Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
Peak, T. C., Russell, G. B., Dutta, R., Rothberg, M. B., Chapple, A. G., & Hemal, A. K. (2018, December). An NCDB-based Nomogram to Predict Lymph Node Metastasis in Penile Cancer..
Peak, T., Chapple, A. G., Coon, G., & Hemal, A. (2018, August). Semi-competing risk model to predict perioperative and oncologic outcomes after radical cystectomy. , 10(11), 317-326.
Chapple, A. G. (2018). Modeling ISIL terror attacks and their fatality rates with a Bayesian reversible jump marked point process. Economics and Econometrics Society, 61(3), 1-14.
Chapple, A. G., & Thall, P. F. (2018, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). A Hybrid Phase I-II/III Clinical Trial Design Allowing Dose Re-Optimization in Phase III..
Chapple, A. G., Vannucci, M., Thall, P. F., & Lin, S. (2017, August). Bayesian variable selection for a semi-competing risks model with three hazard functions. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 112, 170-185.
Chapple, A. G. (2016). A Bayesian Reversible Jump Piecewise Hazard approach for modelling rate changes in mass shootings. Economics and Econometrics Society., 59(3), 19-31.
He, L., Chapple, A. G., Liao, Z., Komaki, R., Thall, P. F., & Lin, S. H. (2016, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). Bayesian regression analyses of radiation modality effects on pericardial and pleural effusion and survival in esophageal cancer. Radiotherapy and oncology : journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, 121(1), 70-74.
Han, K. J., Pitman, W. D., & Chapple, A. G. (2014, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). Moisture concentration variation of silages produced on commercial farms in the South-central USA. Asian-Australasian journal of animal sciences, 27(10), 1436-42.