Hui-Yi Lin

Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator


LEC 265






Biography & Expertise


PhD Biostatistics Tulane University 2004
MS Biostatistics University of Michigan 2001
MS Health Behavior National Taiwan University 1996
BA Public Health National Taiwan University 1994

Selected Publications

Katner, A. L., Pieper, K., Brown, K., Parks, J., Hu, C., Lin, H., Wang, X., & Edwards, M. (2017, August). Evaluation of Waterborne Lead Levels in New Orleans, LA: Policy Implications for Monitoring and Exposure Reduction. , 27(8), 513.
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Das, D. K., Osborne, J. R., Lin, H., Park, J. Y., & Ogunwobi, O. O. (2016, June). miR-1207-3p Is a Novel Prognostic Biomarker of Prostate Cancer. , 9(3), 236-41.
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