Zhide Fang, PhD

Professor and BIOS Program Director


LEC 258




Biography & Expertise

Dr. Fang is a Professor and Director of Biostatistics in the LSU School of Public Health. He is a (conjoint) Professor in the Department of Genetics, School of Medicine. He is also a Statistician in Louisiana Clinical & Translational Science Center, and a member in Southeast Biomedical Informatics Consortium.

Dr. Fang’s research focus areas:

  • Develop novel statistical methodologies for analyzing genomic data generated by high-throughput microarrays or NG sequencing platforms, including expression studies and pathway analyses, DNA copy number variation, miRNA – mRNA interaction studies, genotyping algorithm, and metagenomics.
  • Other specializations include design of experiments – sample size determination and power analysis, statistical modeling, nonparametric and categorical data methods, survival, and longitudinal data analysis, for research problems in Public Health, Medicine, and Basic Sciences. We carry out advanced statistical analyses which bring collaboration in scientific paper writing and research grant application.
  • Develop efficient algorithms for Big (Streaming) Data.
  • Construct the model-based experimental designs, with applications in toxicity studies, low-dose extrapolation studies, etc., for the development of statistical theory,


PhD Statistics University of Alberta 1999
MS Statistics Huazhong Normal University 1989
BS Mathematics Huazhong Normal University 1986

Selected Publications

Chen, Z., Fang, Z., Fan, W., Edwards, A., & Zhang, K. (2017). CSTG: An Effective Framework for Cost-sensitive Sparse Online Learning. , 759 - 767.
Maronge, J. M., Zhai, Y., Wiens, D. P., & Fang, Z. (2017). Optimal Designs for Spline Wavelet Regression Models. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 184, 94-104.
Yang, S., & Fang, Z. (2017). approximation of ratio distribution and its application to next generation sequencing read counts. Journal of Applied Statistics, 44(1), 57-70.
Peres, L. C., Trapido, E. J., Rung, A., Harrington, D. J., Oral, E., Fang, Z., Fontham, E., & Peters, E. S. (2016, August). The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Physical Health among Adult Women in Southern Louisiana: The Women and Their Children's Health (WaTCH) Study. , 124(8), 1208-13.
Yang, S., Mercante, D., Zhang, K., & Fang, Z. (2016, June). An Integrated Approach for RNA-seq Data Normalization. Cancer Informatics, 15, 129-141.
Musto, A. E., Rosencrans, R. F., Walker, C. P., Bhattacharjee, S., Fang, Z., Raulji, C. M., Gordon, W. C., & Bazan, N. G. (2016, July (3rd Quarter/Summer)). Dysfunctional epileptic neuronal circuits and dysmorphic dendritic spines are mitigated by platelet-activating factor receptor antagonism. Scientific Reports, 6, 30289.
Henagan, T., Stefansksa, B., Fang, Z., Nevard, A., Ye, J., Lenard, N., & Devarshi, P. (2015). Sodium butyrate epigenetically modulates high fat diet-induced skeletal muscle mitochondrial adaptation, obesity and insulin resistance through nucleosome positioning. British Journal of Pharmacology, 172(11), 2782 - 2798.
Fu, L., Shi, Z., Luo, G., Tu, W., Wang, X., Fang, Z., & Li, X. (2014). Multiple microRNAs regulate human FOXP2 gene expression by targeting sequences in its 3' untranslated region. Molecular Brain, 7(1), 71.
Du, R., Mercante, D., Fang, Z., & (2013, March). An Artificial Functional Family Filter in Homolog Searching in Next-generation Sequencing Metagenomics. PLoS ONE, 8(3), e58669.