Chih-yang Hu, ScD, MSPH

Associate Professor

Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences

LEC 320




Biography & Expertise


ScD Public Health Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine 2001
MS Public Health Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine 1996
BS Public Health Kaohsiung Medical School 1992

Selected Publications

Katner, A. L., Pieper, K., Brown, K., Parks, J., Hu, C., Lin, H., Wang, X., & Edwards, M. (2017, August). Evaluation of Waterborne Lead Levels in New Orleans, LA: Policy Implications for Monitoring and Exposure Reduction. , 27(8), 513.
Lim, P. S., Chen, C. H., Zhu, F., Kotanko, P., Jeng, Y., Hu, C., Chiu, L. S., & Chang, H. C. (2017, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). Validating Body Fat Assessment by Bioelectric Impedance Spectroscopy in Taiwanese Hemodialysis Patients. , 27(1), 37-44.
Katner, A. L., Pieper, K. J., Lambrinidou, Y., Brown, K., Hu, C., Mielke, H. W., & Edwards, M. A. (2016, August). Weaknesses in Federal Drinking Water Regulations and Public Health Policies that Impede Lead Poisoning Prevention and Environmental Justice. Mary Ann Liebert Inc, 9(4), 109-117.
Lo, S. C., Lin, K. H., Hsieh, H. H., Lin, D. T., & Hu, C. (2016, April (2nd Quarter/Spring)). Genetic variations of CD36 and low platelet CD36 expression - a risk factor for lipemic plasma donation in Taiwanese apheresis donors. , 110(3), 236-43.
Hsu, Y. J., Peng, W. D., Chen, J. H., Lin, Y. C., Chang, C. S., Chen, T., Hu, C., Ho, P. S., Chen, F. L., Lee, C. H., & Huang, H. L. (2015, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). Evaluating the effect of a community-based lay health advisor training curriculum to address immigrant children's caries disparities. , 49(2), 147-56.
Lin, Y. C., Yen, Y. Y., Chang, C. S., Ting, C. C., Chen, P. H., Chen, C. C., Peng, W. D., Chen, F. L., Hu, C., & Huang, H. L. (2014, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). Oral health disparities of children among Southeast Asian immigrant women in arranged transnational marriages in Taiwan. , 48(6), 575-83.
Lawhorn, N. A., Lirette, D. K., Klink, J. L., Hu, C., Contreras, C., Ajori Bryant, T. R., Brown, L. F., & Diaz, J. (2013, February). Workplace exposure to secondhand smoke among non-smoking hospitality employees. , 15(2), 413-8.
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