Christine Brennan, MSN, PhD

Assistant Professor – Clinical

Health Policy & Systems Management

LEC 313




Biography & Expertise

Christine has numerous teaching and clinical responsibilities both in the School as well as through the HSC. She is currently the Principal Investigator and Director of the South Central AIDS Education and Training Center at LSU Health – New Orleans, formally known as Delta AETC. She oversees the organizations ability to meet its mission to assure quality care of those infected and prevent the spread of HIV through continuing education to all levels of health care providers and organizations in the region.  As a Nurse Practitioner, she provides primary care to HIV infected men and women in an ambulatory community private clinic serving over 500 individuals, as well as many co infected with Hepatitis C. She has worked with The LSUHSC NO High School STD Program screening and treating STDs in the city’s high schools. Christine teaches Policy for the School of Public Health as well as in the School of Nursing in their Family Nurse Practitioner Program, as well as numerous continuing medical education programs through the nation for health care providers of various levels. Due to clinical and teaching experience, Christine has been asked to serve on various policy making bodies and as well has participated in numerous HIV related community based research endeavors and grant applications.


PhD Nursing University of Southern Mississippi 2007
MS Nursing University of Pennsylvania 1989
BS Nursing University of Pennsylvania 1987

Selected Publications

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