Tekeda Ferguson, MPH, MSPH, CHES, PHD

Assistant Professor


LEC 358




Biography & Expertise

Dr. Ferguson is a chronic disease epidemiologist and a Certified Health Education Specialist.  Dr. Ferguson has experience in collection and analysis of human longitudinal data and is currently the co-Director of the Data and Analysis Unit for the LSUHSC-NO Comprehensive Alcohol-HIV/AIDS Research Center which conducts clinical studies that facilitate bi-directional translational research. She is also currently working with LSU Heath Care Services Division investigating clinical health outcomes and the principal investigator for a pilot project title “Identifying Social Determinants of Disparities in Inflammatory Cancer”.

Dr. Ferguson has experience in research data collection and large scale surveillance data collection. She has served as principal investigator an Epidemiology Advisor for the state of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals supervising chronic disease epidemiologist and chronic disease surveillance for Louisiana including the Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance Survey and a Statewide Community Needs Assessment. She has conducted a special administration of the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey when serving as principal investigator for an evaluation project for the Communities Putting Prevention to Work, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Initiative. She has been an investigator with the Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results Louisiana Tumor Registry and has worked on national longitudinal studies including the CARDIA-Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults Study.


PhD Public Health Univeristy of Alabama Birmingham 2007
MSPH Public Health University of Alabama Birmingham 1998
MPH Public Health Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine 1997
BS Chemistry Tulane University 1996

Selected Publications

Zhang, L., Yu, Q., Wu, X., Hsieh, M., Loch, M., Chen, V., Fontham, E., & Ferguson, T. F. Impact of chemotherapy relative dose intensity on cause-specific and overall survival for stage I–III breast cancer: ER+/PR+, HER2- vs. triple-negative. Springer Nature.
Molina, P. E., Simon, L., Amedee, A. M., Welsh, D. A., & Ferguson, T. F. Impact of Alcohol on HIV Disease Pathogenesis, Comorbities and Aging: Integrating Preclinical and Clinical Findings. Oxford University Press (OUP).
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Zhang, L., Yu, Q., Wu, X., Hsieh, M., Loch, M., Chen, V., Fontham, E., & Ferguson, T. F. (2017, August). Impact of Chemotherapy Relative dose Intensity on Breast Cancer-Specific and Overall Survival for Stage I-III Luminal A vs Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Elsevier BV, 27(8), 508.
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