DeAnn Gruber, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor

Behavioral & Community Health Sciences



Biography & Expertise


PhD Social Work Tulane University 2003
MSW Social Work Southern University 1991
BA Religious Studies St. Norbert College 1983

Selected Publications

Brantley, A. D., Page, K. M., Zack, B., Friedrich, K. R., Wendell, D. A., Robinson, W. T., & Gruber, D. (2019, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). Making the Connection: Using Videoconferencing to Increase Linkage to Care for Incarcerated Persons Living with HIV Post-release. , 23(1), 32--40.
Introcaso, C. E., Gruber, D., Bradley, H., Peterman, T. A., Ewell, J., Wendell, D., Foxhood, J., Su, J. R., Weinstock, H. S., & Markowitz, L. E. (2013, September). Challenges in Congenital Syphilis Surveillance. Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health), 40(9), 695-699.
Robinson, W. T., Wendell, D. A., & Gruber, D. (2011, July (3rd Quarter/Summer)). Changes in CD4 count among persons living with HIV/AIDS following Hurricane Katrina. Informa UK Limited, 23(7), 803-806.
Robinson, W. T., Wendell, D., Gruber, D., Foxhood, J., Scalco, M. B., & Zapata, A. (2008, April (2nd Quarter/Spring)). Estimating the Return of Persons Living With HIV/AIDS to New Orleans: Methods for Conducting Disease Surveillance in the Wake of a Natural Disaster. American Public Health Association, 98(4), 666-668.