Adrienne Katner, DEnv, MS

Assistant Professor – Research

Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences

LEC 318




Biography & Expertise


DEnv Environmental Science & Engineering University of California Los Angeles 2011
MS Soil, Water and Environmental Science University of Arizona 1998
BA Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology University of California Santa Cruz 1994

Selected Publications

Brown, K., Katner, A. L., Rhoads, W., O’Rear, L., Purden, A., Edwards, M., & Pieper, K. (2017, August). The Great Louisiana Flood of 2016: Private Well Owner Knowledge, Response, and Needs. , 27(8), 512-513.
Katner, A. L., Pieper, K., Brown, K., Parks, J., Hu, C., Lin, H., Wang, X., & Edwards, M. (2017, August). Evaluation of Waterborne Lead Levels in New Orleans, LA: Policy Implications for Monitoring and Exposure Reduction. , 27(8), 513.
Katner, A. L., Pieper, K. J., Lambrinidou, Y., Brown, K., Hu, C., Mielke, H. W., & Edwards, M. A. (2016, August). Weaknesses in Federal Drinking Water Regulations and Public Health Policies that Impede Lead Poisoning Prevention and Environmental Justice. Mary Ann Liebert Inc, 9(4), 109-117.
Katner, A. L. (2015, May). Prioritization of Louisiana Parishes based on Industrial Releases of Known or Suspected Carcinogens. , 167(3), 122-8.
Katner, A. L., Lackovic, M., Streva, K., Paul, V., & Trachtman, W. C. (2015, March). Evaluation of available data sources to prioritize parishes for arsenic monitoring and outreach related to private well drinking water. 21 Suppl 2, S93-101.
Katner, A. L., Sun, M., Ogunyinka, E., Soileau, S., Dugas, D., & Suffet, M. (2013, September). A methylmercury risk screening assessment to identify fish species and populations of potential concern. The World Academic Publishing, 156-165.
Katner, A. L., Peak, K. L., Sun, M., Badaksh, R., & (2012). Emergency department visits for carbon monoxide poisoning in Louisiana. , 164(6), 306-310.
Katner, A. L., Ogunyinka, E., Sun, M. H., Soileau, S., Lavergne, D., Dugas, D., & Suffet, M. (2011, November). Fishing, fish consumption and advisory awareness among Louisiana's recreational fishers. , 111(8), 1037-45.
Katner, A. L. (2011, June). Assessment of Louisiana’s Fish Tissue Mercury Levels, Sportfish Consumption, Methylmercury Intake and Potential Risk: Implications for Monitoring, Advisory Development and Outreach. Ann Arbor, MI: ProQUest, UMI Publishing.
Katner, A. L., Sun, M. H., & Suffet, M. (2010, November). An evaluation of mercury levels in Louisiana fish: trends and public health issues. , 408(23), 5707-14.