WELCOME to Pre-Orientation!

Pre-Orientation will be completed using LSUHSC’s Moodle site.

Click here to go to Pre-Orientation 2021-22 – use your LSUHSC credentials to access the Moodle site. The Orientation module is locate in section School of Public Health/New Student Orientation with course name SPH New Student Orientation Fall 2021 or Spring 2022.

Fall 2021 Pre-Orientation should be completed by August 15th.

Spring 2022 Pre-Orientation should be completed by January 31st.

Self enroll into this Spring Moodle Orientation with a course key will emailed.

New students are asked to review all the material that are posted on the Pre-Orientation Moodle site in advance of On-site Orientation. Most modules in Moodle are set-up as assignments and will track completion. We will use this site to review compliance and completeness with the Pre-Orientation step.

We highly recommend that you do not wait until the last minute to complete Pre-Orientation! There is a lot of material to cover and complete.

Sample list Pre-Orienation Moodle Modules

Following is sample list of the sections that is available and must be completed as part of Pre-Orientation on Moodle.

Section 1: School of Public Health Offices

  • SPH Office of Academic & Student Affairs
    •    Welcome from Dr. Kari Brisolara, Associate Dean for Academic & Student Affairs (Video)
    •    Spring ’22 Course Schedule

Updated 7/18/21 – All MPH, MS, & PhD Fall classes will be taught in person on campus. Please contact the instructor for specific details on course expectations.

  • SPH Office for Practice Experience
    •     PH Practice & Community Engagement Office Presentation Orientation
  • SPH Office for Research
    •     School of Public Health Office for Research
  • SPH Office for Business Administration

    •      SPH Office for Business Administration Presentation

Section 2: LSUHSC Compliance Requirements

  • LSUHSC Compliance
    All faculty, staff, and students, full or part time, must complete assigned trainings in order to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations. LSUHSC credentials are required to complete this training.

Section 3: LSUHSC & SPH Research Compliance Requirement

  • CITI Training
    All faculty, staff, and students must complete this assigned training to ensure compliance with applicable state, federal laws and regulations for research. This requirement is to be completed prior to the beginning of On-site Orientation and will allow you to be involved in research projects at LSU Health Sciences Center.

Section 4: LSUHSC University Services & Centers

  • Wellness Center
    • Video Wellness Center
    • Express Assumption of Risk
    • Par-Q2
  • University Parking Services
    • Video Parking Services
    • Student Parking Pre-Registration
  • LSUHSC Library
    • Library Patron Registration Form
    • LSUHSC Academic Unit Patron Registration Form
  • LSUHSC University Police
    • Video LSUHSC University Police
    • LSU Shield Mobile App
  • LSUHSC Emergency Preparedness
  • LSUHSC Campus Assistance
    • Video LSUHSC Campus Assistance
    • Peer Advocate Liaison Program (PAL)
  • LSUHSC Student Health Services
    • Video LSUHSC Student Health Services
  • School of Public Health Office of Research
    • Video School of Public Health Office of Research
  • School of Public Health IT Computer Support
    • Video SPH IT Support
    • SPH Computer Support Page 

Section 5: School of Public Health References & Materials

  • SPH New Student Checklist 
  • SPH Student Academic Handbook
  • SPH Responsible Use Guidelines Social Media File 
  • SPH Electronic Communications Acceptable Use Policy Form 
Section 5: School of Public Health Office of Academic & Student Affairs – Directions & Procedures
Section 6: Student Activities & Organizations
Other Modules: 
  • Required Forms: Every fall semester all students must complete the three Business Forms listed below.  Completed forms should be emailed to Isabel Billiot to  . Copies of these form are made for your records, directly handled and submitted through Academic & Student Affairs to each office on your behalf.
    • 1. Title IV Authorization 20-21 (check or mark what applies, print/sign & date);
    • 2.Student Accident and Sickness Plan Form 20-21 If you elect to use the LSUHSC health insurance, please complete Section I.  If you choose to waive the health insurance, sign Section II and submit a  copy of your current insurance card front and back); Note: if you do not submit a copy of your private insurance card, your registration is not complete and your account will be blocked by the Business Office.
    • 3. Optional Fees form 20-21 (Note, even if you have private insurance, the needle stick insurance is required).
  • Interprofessional Education Orientation
  • Getting Your Student ID: Student IDs are processed and given by the Registrar’s Office. Student ID can only be requested online using the Registrar’s Remote ID Card Image Upload webpage. The Remote ID Card Image webpage is restricted access and can only be accessed throuh the LSU’s web connect portal. Click here for directions to access the portal and the Student ID Card Image Upload webpage. After you have uploaded your photo ID, wait 24 hours before you pick up your photo ID card at the Registrar’s Office located at 433 Bolivar Street 1st Floor. The Registrar’s office hours are Monday – Friday, 9 am to 3 pm, however, they are closed for lunch from 1-2 pm. Please note: the Registrar Office will not be taking photo IDs you must complete this online. If you are unable to come to campus to pick up your Student ID the School of Public Health can arrange to pick this up and mail it to you.

          In order to request ID pick up and mailing please complete the request form here. For any questions about mail delivery please contact Lezel Gaas by email to Note: This is only available to School of Public Health students.

Important Dates:

The last day to register for the Fall semester it is Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Fall semester classes begin on Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

To view the Spring course schedule click here.

Each semester all students will have two blocks on their account – the Student Data Verification and the Advisor Hold.  Prior to registering for your courses, you will need to complete the Student Data Verification Information. Once you complete this task, the first block will automatically be removed.  Click here for Student Data Verification instructions and Online Class Enrollment.

To begin your registration please click on this link and login to Academic Self-Service using  your LSUHSC credentials. After you add courses into the shopping cart, you will need to schedule an appointment with your advisor.  Your advisor will help  and approve your course schedule to complete registration. Once your advisor approves your courses, they will remove the second block.

The LSU Health Sciences – New Orleans Campus accepts credit card and E-check payments for tuition and fees. It is only available online through Academic Self-Service.  Electronic payments (credit cards or E-check payments) cannot be accepted in the Bursar Operations Office. Please note that a 2.5% processing fee will be added to credit card payments, however there is no fee associated with the E-check payments option. Instructions on making e-payments via Academic Self-Service are available at Student Electronic Pay.  Should you experience any problems please report this to the Bursar Operations Office at NOBURSAR@LSUHSC.EDU.

All tuition and fees must be paid in full the day before classes begins.