Stephen Phillippi, Jr., PhD, LCSW, CCFC

Associate Professor & BCHS Program Director, Research and Director of the Institute for Public Health & Justice

Behavioral & Community Health Sciences

LEC 349




Biography & Expertise

Dr. Phillippi is the Program Chair of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center- a research, teaching and service oriented academic program of the School of Public Health. He is also the Director of the Institute for Public Health & Justice working to bring evidence-based practices and supportive policies to states and local communities. He received his PhD from LSU, MSW from Tulane University, and BA from Loyola New Orleans. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Clinically Certified Forensic Counselor. He has a twenty-year history of developing, managing, evaluating, and providing direct services along the full range of the Juvenile & Criminal Justice System continuum of care. Dr. Phillippi is the PI on several studies and grants. In addition to these activities, Dr. Phillippi teaches, advises, chairs and participates in dissertation committees, writes, consults, and serves on a number of professional and public service boards.


PhD Social Work Louisiana State University 2007
MSW Social Work Tulane University 1994
BA Psychology Loyola Univesity 1991

Selected Publications

Yoshida, Y., Scribner, R., Chen, L., Broyles, S. T., Phillippi, S., & Tseng, T. S. Role of Age and Acculturation in Diet Quality Among Mexican Americans — Findings From the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1999–2012. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 14.
Yoshida, Y., Scribner, R., Chen, L., Broyles, S. T., Phillippi, S., & Tseng, T. S. (2017, May). Diet quality and its relationship with central obesity among Mexican Americans: findings from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 1999-2012. , 20(7), 1193-1202.
Pelligrino, N., Zaitzow, B. H., Sothern, M., Scribner, R., & Phillippi, S. (2017, February). Incarcerated Black Women in the Southern USA: A Narrative Review of STI and HIV Risk and Implications for Future Public Health Research, Practice, and Policy. Springer Nature, 4(1), 9-18.
Phillippi, S. (2017). Survey of Louisiana Juvenile & Family Court Judges Regarding Behavioral Health Services.
Phillippi, S. (2016). Louisiana Juvenile Drug Court Program Standards.
Phillippi, S., Siegel, G., Scharf, P. L., Atkinson, R., McCann, E., & Arteaga, P. (2016). A legislated study of raising the age of juvenile jurisdiction in Louisiana.
Goldin Evans, M., Phillippi, S., & Gee, R. E. (2015, November). Examining the Screening Practices of Physicians for Postpartum Depression: Implications for Improving Health Outcomes. Elsevier BV, 25(6), 703-710.
Walker, S. C., Bumbarger, B. K., & Phillippi, S. (2015, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). Achieving successful evidence-based practice implementation in juvenile justice: The importance of diagnostic and evaluative capacity. Elsevier BV, 52, 189-197.
Childs, K. K., Ryals, J., Frick, P. J., Lawing, K., Phillippi, S., & Deprato, D. K. (2013, March). Examining the Validity of the Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth (SAVRY) for Predicting Probation Outcomes Among Adjudicated Juvenile Offenders. Wiley-Blackwell, 31(2), 256-270.