Promotions & Tenure

Promotions and tenure review occurs once a year. The timeline and due dates for the each stage of the review process are outlined in AP&T Timeline for 2024. Effective date of promotions is July 1 in the following year. Official notification from the Chancellor’s Office is typically made shortly before the effective date of the successful advancement.

Candidates and those individuals assisting in the preparation of promotion and tenure materials should familiarize themselves with the Guidelines and Criteria for Promotions and Tenure. Required documentation for promotions packets include: LSU Promotion/Tenure Review Request Form, (the instructions for its use are also available below), Teaching and Administrative/Service Portfolio, Curriculum Vitae (using standardized format), Signatory Page, and letters of recommendation.

All faculty candidates participate in the preparation of promotions and tenure materials before formal review begins. The faculty candidate reviews the packet for accuracy and completeness before formal review begins, acknowledging this on the Signatory Page, and letters of recommendation are then added to the packet. Letters of recommendation should be solicited using the standardized template available below.

Guidelines and Instructions for Promotions, Tenure, and Sabbaticals:

Guidelines and Criteria

Instructions for the LSUHSC Health PT Form

AP&T Timeline for 2024

Required Documents:

LSU Promotion/Tenure Review Request

Additional Information Form

Teaching and Administrative/Service Portfolio

Curriculum Vitae Standard Format

Signatory Page

Template for Letters of Recommendation

Sabbatical Leave Instructions

Sabbatical Request Form

Faculty Handbook