Public Health Analytic Center (PHAC) Team

We are here to assist you and provide a breath of expertise across quantitative analysis to qualitative analysis from study design to program and policy evaluations.


Tekeda Ferguson, MPH, MSPH, CHES, PHDAssociate Professor and Chair
EpidemiologyDr. Ferguson is a chronic disease epidemiologist and has experience in the design and management of multi-site cohorts and clinical trials, surveillance data systems, and longitudinal analysis in multiple, population cohorts.
Associate Director
Yu-Wen Chiu, DrPH
Assistant Professor
Health Policy & Systems ManagementDr. Chiu is a health systems analyst and has expertise in health systems management and cost benefit analysis.
Associate Director
Adrienne Katner, DEnv, MSAssociate Professor and Chair
Environmental & Occupational HealthDr. Katner is an environmental health scientist and has expertise in environmental exposure and risk assessment and environmental public health policy.
Associate Director
Tung-Sung Tseng, DrPH, MS, CHES/MCHESAssociate Professor
Behavioral & Community HealthDr. Tseng is a behavior scientist. His is an expert in cancer prevention, childhood obesity, gene-environment interactions, risk behavioral patterns, health promotion interventions and evaluations, and health disparities.
Associate Director
Qingzhao Yu, PhD
Full Professor and Interim Associate Dean of Research
BiostatisticsDr. Yu is a biostatistician. She has expertise in developing statistical methods for public health, health care, clinical and lab research. Her research of interests falls in Bayesian modeling, causal inferences, clinical trials, genetic statistics, machine learning method, spatial analysis, statistical computation, survey data analysis, and many other fields.