Faculty, Staff & Experts

Faculty, Staff, & Experts

Stephen W. Phillippi, Jr. PhD, LCSW, CCFC
Project Supervisor/Institute Director
(504) 234-3899

Dr. Stephen Phillippi serves as the Director of the Center for Evidence to Practice. He is also the Chair of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences at the Louisiana State University School of Public Health.  Dr. Phillippi’s work has primarily focused on bringing evidence-based practices and supportive policies to states and local communities. He received his Ph.D. from LSU, MSW from Tulane University, and BA from Loyola New Orleans. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Clinically Certified Forensic Counselor. He has a twenty-five year history of developing, managing, evaluating, and providing direct services throughout different systems and continuums of care. Dr. Phillippi is the PI on several studies and grants. In addition to these activities, Dr. Phillippi teaches, advises, writes, consults, and serves on a number of professional and public service boards.

Lindsay Simpson, MPH
Project Coordinator
(504) 568-5731

Lindsay Simpson serves as the Project Coordinator for the Center for Evidence to Practice. She holds a Master of Public Health in Global Health Program Management from Boston University and a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and Community Nutrition from Ithaca College.  Prior to joining the Center for Evidence to Practice, Ms. Simpson worked as a Community Health Promotion Specialist for the Peace Corps in Nicaragua where she collaborated with the Ministry of Health on projects pertaining to maternal child health, sexual reproductive health, and HIV prevention and mitigation.  Additionally, she brings experience in health project management, health education, advocacy, and public health consulting, having contributed to a range of health projects for non-profits in Upstate New York, Massachusetts, Africa, South-East Asia, and Central America.

Sonita Singh, Ph.D., MPH
Faculty Evaluator
(504) 568-5700

Dr. Sonita Singh serves as the Evaluator for the Center for Evidence to Practice. She has a PhD in International Development from the Tulane School of Law and Masters of Public Health from the Tulane School of Public Health. Along with an extensive history of public health program design, implementation and research, she has performed large-scale evaluations of health systems innovations for the Department of Justice – Bureau of Justice Assistance, Centers for Disease Control, the United Stated Agency for International Development, Care International and the Cowen Institute. Her focus is sustainable impact among vulnerable populations. She has therefore worked with a range of vulnerable groups included HIV-infected children and mothers, newly released offenders, child soldiers, internally-displaced persons and refugees throughout Africa, India, Bangladesh, the Caribbean and the US.

Graduate Students
The Center for Evidence to Practice is committed to advancing future leaders and advocates for behavioral health, which we do through offering various graduate assistantship positions. Students are selected based on their personal interests, skills, and available project funding. LSUHSC School of Public Health graduate students (MPH or Ph.D.) who are interested in collaborating with the Center for Evidence to Practice are welcome to inquire about future opportunities.

Content Experts
The Center for Evidence to Practice individuals who serve as faculty/content experts. These behavioral health practitioners, researchers, and policy-developers will provide their expertise, guide our work, and provide valuable insight regarding specific practices.

Advisory Board
The Center for Evidence to Practice will have an Advisory Board that will take a lead role in forging the direction of the Center. These individuals will be representative of Louisiana’s practitioners, leaders, and communities.