IMG_0561The Institute offers a menu of services that can be customized and combined (as needed) to provide comprehensive, solution-based approaches to complex issues.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

The information age we live in today offers the opportunity to learn and improve performance at an ever-increasing rate. However, for many of our human service problems there is a wealth of data, but no resource available to systematically organize, interpret, and advise on how to use the data. We help turn data into actionable information with utility.

Policy Development and Implementation

Sometimes problem-solving requires policy change and the coordination of strategic activities on the ground. We help move from global strategies to local capability, from pure theory to sound policy, to practical implementation.

Technical Assistance and Training

A critical element in moving systems forward is the application of best scientific research to activities that make a difference in the lives of people – a process that does not automatically occur with policy changes and implementation plans. It is a process which may involve a wide variety of partners, including educators and researchers, practitioners and administrators, and families and clients. With our skills and experience in managing these complexities, policies and plans evolve into effective practice.

Program Evaluation and Analysis

Of course, change strategies put into place must be monitored to ensure that they are delivering the desired impact—and, if the results are not adequate, appropriate modifications must be designed and pursued. We can create custom assessment plans built around measuring the achievement of specific goals, which adjust with the progression of the program.

Whether you are an administrator looking to ensure that your justice system is serving both its public safety and justice missions, or a behavioral health service provider seeking to ensure that the services you provide reflect the best science, a judge seeking to ensure that no more adults or young people than absolutely necessary penetrate the justice system, or an human service agency determined to continuous analysis and improvement of results, our experts can assist you.

To discuss a potential project or consultation, please contact Dr. Phillippi at LSUHSC School of Public Health at 504-568-5958 or by email to sphill2@lsuhsc.edu.