IMG_0792The Institute for Public Health & Justice at LSU Health Sciences Center is a policy, research, training, and technical assistance enterprise positioned at the intersection of health policy/practice and the justice system.   Many behavioral and other health conditions have social determinants.  The Institute seeks to bridge the divide between what we know about prevention and treatment of behavioral health conditions and the negative impacts on communities, the perpetrators themselves their victims, and the overall justice system.

Reflecting its broad scope and collaborative approach, the Institute is located and administered through the LSU Health Sciences Center – New Orleans, School of Public Health. The Institute accepts as part of its mission the responsibility to link graduate and professional education to the world of practice, infusing each with the knowledge and experience to ensure that services remain relevant and effective and that academia is informed by the practice wisdom of skilled practitioners.

The Institute was created in response to a need for a statewide collaborative resource to sustain the focus of practical experience and national scientific expertise on solutions to Louisiana’s human services challenges. The Institute’s methodology of connecting local leaders with their peers throughout Louisiana and across other states, then expanding those collaborations to include leading scientists and researchers, has yielded rich returns. Those returns include practical solutions to real problems in Louisiana’s parishes and state agencies, yielding visible positive impacts on the lives of Louisiana citizens and the agencies that serve them.

The Institute is designed to build on those successes and sustain them for Louisiana. Constituents include local and state government agencies, service providers and service management organizations, advocacy groups, and policymakers.

The Institute offers a menu of services that can be customized and combined (as needed) to provide comprehensive, solution-based approaches to complex issues.

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