The IPHJ was the Lead Entity for the MacArthur Foundation’s Models for Change in Juvenile Justice Reform initiative in Louisiana. The initiative began in Louisiana in 2006 and concluded in 2016. The main goals of this initiative (i.e., targeted areas of improvement or TAI) were to improve alternatives to formal processing, increase the use of evidence-based practices including screening/assessment tools and treatment services, and decrease disproportionate minority contact in the juvenile justice system.

In order to evaluate the progress towards reaching these goals, the University of New Orleans (UNO), in collaboration with the IPHJ, national experts, and local project directors, was given the task of developing a system of tracking the success of the work that has taken place. This system is referred to as the “Outcome Monitoring Plan” and includes a detailed outline of the goals of each grant awarded, the steps that will be taken to measure the success of these goals, and the product/deliverables that will be accomplished once the grant has ended.

There were three main types of products/deliverables specified in the outcome monitoring plan: 1) data deliverables specified to be collected on an ongoing basis, 2) reports that require the collection of data at one point in time (e.g., summary of youth population, pilot study of an intervention), and 3) memos or summaries of an event or policy change that has taken place (e.g., screening/assessment tool implemented, summit/conference).

Examples of products from this data collection and reporting initiative are linked below:

Frick, Paul and  Tina Child, University of New Orleans, “Interim Summary of the Louisiana Models  for Change (LaMfC) Data Deliverables,” 2011

Frick, Paul and  Tina Childs, “Rapides Parish 2009 Ungovernable Referrals to Informal FINS.”

LSU Health  Sciences Center- School of Public Health, “Rapides Parish FINS Cases Data  Analysis for the Rapides Parish Court and FINS Program,” (2011)

Click here to download a  Summary of Available and Relevant Louisiana Status Offender Data to Highlight  Service Needs.


Developing Performance Measures for JIS Projects

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