Currently, LTR registrars obtain data from many healthcare providers by reviewing medical records remotely or on site. Long-distance travel and manual review are extremely time consuming and not cost effective. The Meaningful Use (MU) provisions of the HITECH Act include electronic reporting to state cancer registries as an option for meeting MU Stage 2 objectives. Electronic connectivity between providers and the LTR will lead to more rapid and accurate collection of data with less work on the part of staff members in the providers’ offices.

Benefits of electronic reporting include:

  • Improved continuity of clinical care
  • Increased workflow efficiency
  • Streamlined timely information flow to the Louisiana Tumor Registry
  • Enhanced support of Meaningful Use Stage 2 objectives

Electronic reporting is designed to improve cancer surveillance and control activities while reducing the burden of LTR requests at healthcare facilities. Louisiana Tumor Registry see this as an opportunity to achieve better patient health outcomes, create efficiencies in the overall delivery of healthcare, improve the understanding of cancer in Louisiana, and facilitate compliance with the state cancer reporting requirements.

LTR can assist you in meeting your cancer reporting requirements and at the same time help you fulfill your Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements. You can register your practice for reporting through the Meaningful Use Stage 2 cancer reporting objective by clicking the below link or contact for more information about reporting electronically.

Click to register your practice to report your cancer cases through the Meaningful Use objective.