What does “reporting” mean?

For hospital-based and independent pathology laboratories, “reporting” means submitting pathology reports, usually but not limited to anatomic pathology, to LTR from patients with a diagnosis of malignancy or benign brain and CNS tumors.  Consult reports, as well as reports of negative findings following a procedure for cancer, must be forwarded to the LTR.

The acceptable reporting format is an official pathology report with a minimum of the following information: the patient name, date of birth, date of service and diagnosis with description of tissue, and ordering physician.

Electronic Pathology Reporting by Laboratories

Effective December 2009, Louisiana law (R.S. 40:1299.80 et seq.) requires all freestanding and hospital-based pathology laboratories performing tests on Louisiana residents to transmit reportable cases to the LTR within two months after testing. The following diagnoses are reportable: All in situ and invasive cancers; benign or borderline tumors of the brain or central nervous system; and Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia III.  Patients aged less than 20 must be reported with one month. (LTR’s legislative rules LAC 48:V.8501-8513)

Many laboratories have already complied and more are in the transition. For those that are not currently reporting electronically, an interim mechanism for reporting must be in place. Alternative reporting methods include:

  • Transmission of PDFs to the LTR’s secure website
  • Faxing pathology reports to LTR’s confidential fax
  • Mailing pathology reports

The LTR epath team is available to assist in compliance with this requirement.

Please contact: the Louisiana Tumor Registry at 504/568-5757 or LTR-info@lsuhsc.edu .

Options for reporting:

The rules amended in December 2013 state that all data is to be transmitted to LTR electronically.

Electronic transmission of pathology reports (Epath)

  • HL7 format: Preferred method to be fully compliant with the current law:
    LTR will work with your laboratory to establish electronic transmission of pathology reports in HL7 format