Ambiguous Terminology Considered Diagnostic of Cancer**

  • apparent(ly)
  • appears
  • comparable with
  • compatible with
  • consistent with
  • favors
  • malignant
  • most likely
  • presumed
  • probable
  • suspect(ed)
  • suspicious (for)
  • typical of

For 2004 diagnosis forward and only for C70.0-C72.9, C75.1-C75.3:

  • neoplasm
  • tumor

Exception: If the only evidence for a case is a cytology report that uses any of the above ambiguous terms and if neither a positive biopsy nor a physician’s clinical impression supports the cytology findings, do not report this case to the Louisiana Tumor Registry.

Ambiguous Terminology NOT Considered Diagnostic of Cancer**

  • cannot be ruled out
  • equivocal
  • possible
  • potentially malignant
  • questionable
  • rule out
  • suggests
  • worrisome

** Do not substitute synonyms such as “supposed” for “presumed” or “equal” for “comparable.” Do not substitute “likely” for “most likely.” Use only the exact words on the list.