The Louisiana Tumor Registry (LTR) collects information from the entire state on the incidence of cancer. This information includes the types of cancer (morphology, grade, and behavior), anatomic location, extent of cancer at the time of diagnosis (stage), treatment, and outcomes (survival and mortality).

LTR data serve as a foundation for Louisiana’s comprehensive cancer control program, supporting the development and evaluation of its programs. In addition, LTR data have been used for assessing the magnitude of the cancer burden in Louisiana, identifying areas and populations at high risk, helping set priorities for allocating health resources, monitoring trends in cancer incidence over time, projecting future needs of healthcare facilities, advancing clinical, epidemiologic and health services research, and assessing the quality and effectiveness of care in terms of patient-reported quality of life indicators.

Obtaining LTR Data

  • For case-level data requests, researchers are asked to contact Lauren Maniscalco at for more information on the LTR’s data release policies.

How Louisiana Tumor Registry (LTR) data are being used.