According to state law (R.S. 40:1105.1 et seq.) licensed healthcare facilities are required to report specific diagnoses to LTR within 2 months for patients 20 years of age and older and within 1 month for patients less than 20 years old. (LLTR’s legislative rules LAC 48: V.8501-8515)

What are “licensed healthcare facilities”?

All hospitals, pathology laboratories, radiation centers, physicians, nursing homes, hospices, other licensed health care facilities and providers as defined in Louisiana R.S. 40:1105.1(A)(10), shall report all reportable cases (see §8507.A) to the LTR, a public health authority. In addition, they shall provide information for all cancer-related studies conducted by the state cancer registry program (LTR).

Please note that due to the complexities of hospital operations, they are addressed in a separate section. Also, physicians and pathology laboratories are addressed in separate sections.

Options for reporting:

The rules amended in December 2013 state that all data is to be transmitted to LTR electronically.

Facilities may choose from several options:

  1. Use Certified EHR Technology to report directly from the electronic medical records system to LTR.
  2. Submit cases or reports to the LTR’s secure online website, using software developed by the CDC (WebPlus)
  3. Fax reports to the LTR confidential fax (504-568-5800) with prior arrangement
  4. Other diagnostic and/or treatment centers, submit a list of cancer cases treated in Excel format. LTR Registry staff will then abstract the required information from the facilities’ records. A fee may be charged.

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