Free clinical trial for female cancers available at LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center

NEW ORLEANS — The most common cancer of the female reproductive organs is on the rise.

There are predictions that there will be nearly 70,000 new cases this year, but a brand new treatment being tested in New Orleans offers life-saving hope.

Rhonda Babin is all too familiar with cancer. Her aunt has had breast cancer, and it’s what took her mother’s life. It affected her terribly.

“Oh God, I was 11-years-old. It was very sad, very, very. I didn’t realize ’til I was 40 years old that I had never dealt with the grief,” said Rhonda Babin, 60, of Delcambre, Louisiana, south of Lafayette.

Her mom was only 37 when she died. Rhonda was diagnosed with cancer at 37. Now, at only 60, she has gone through chemo, surgery, radiation, and immunotherapy for three types of cancer: breast, kidney, and the linings of her uterus and abdomen.

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