Flu Shot Doesn’t Work As Well For People Who Are Overweight — And That’s Not The Only Problem, CDC Reports

Heavier people get sicker and are also more likely to spread the disease, researchers said, and that has the potential to amplify a flu outbreak. Public health news is on including family in holiday workouts, air pollution’s impact on the brain, cancer treatments for the elderly, California’s Healthy Blue Zone, dangers from probiotic bacteria, skin-lightening products, a mysterious lung ailment, push back against vets’ service dogs, and dengue fevers risks for travelers.

NPR: Flu Shot Doesn’t Work As Well For Obese And Overweight People The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says flu season is starting to ramp up — and it’s not too late to reduce your risk with a vaccine. But scientists have come to realize that flu vaccines are less effective for people who are overweight or obese. Considering that excess weight affects more than two-thirds of the U.S. adult population, that’s a significant shortcoming. (Harris, 11/24)

The New York Times: Fitting In Family Fitness At The Holidays Milk-gallon dead lifts, shared inchworms, synchronized walking and a little misdirection could be the keys to staying in shape and in harmony with loved ones during the holiday weeks ahead, experts say. While people who regularly exercise often worry about having too little time, willpower or familial good will available for workouts when they visit or host family and friends for the holidays, the researchers and athletes I spoke with felt that the greater challenge — and opportunity — lies in finding ways to rope in the gathered hordes, who might otherwise stay inactive. (Reynolds, 11/23)

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