Climate change and health, extreme cold, vaping, heart disease, type 1 diabetes

The Hill – Study: Climate change could lead to worse heart defects in babies

Rising temperatures associated with climate change could trigger heart defects in babies, according to a new study in Wednesday’s Journal of the American Heart Association.

NPR – Medical effects of extreme cold: why it hurts and how to stay safe

Just taking a brief walk outside without a hat can give somebody frostbite on the back of their unprotected ears.

The Verge – Vaping may help some people quit cigarettes, but what about the nicotine?

E-cigarettes helped more people quit smoking than traditional nicotine replacement therapy did, a new study says — but vapes aren’t a miracle cure for nicotine addiction.

CNN – Nearly half of US adults have cardiovascular disease, study says

Nearly half of all adults in the United States have some type of cardiovascular disease, according to the American Heart Association, defining the condition as coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke or high blood pressure.

New York Times  Rotavirus vaccine may protect against type 1 diabetes

An Australian study found that in children up to 4 years old, the rate of Type 1 diabetes decreased by 14 percent in the years following the rotavirus vaccine’s introduction.

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