15-minute procedure can help take care of your cataracts

METAIRIE, La. — Cataract surgery is one of the top five medical procedures in the U.S. And now there’s a quicker way to give you clear vision back. It is all done in the doctor’s office in about 15 minutes.

Rick O’Krepki doesn’t let the grass grow under his feet. He seizes every moment possible around the globe, but a few years ago he began seeing the world through a cloudy lens.

“Not quite as sharp in the distance, slightly blurry. I was having, I’d have to get a little bit closer to street signs on the highway to see them clearly,” Rick O’Krepki said.

Now, at the age of 67, Ophthalmologist Dr. Brendon Sumich said it’s time to remove his cataracts.

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