Open faculty positions at LSUHSC School of Public Health. Be a part of a growing Cancer Center!

LSU Health New Orleans School of Public Health is recruiting now for individuals who want to be a part of a growing  Cancer Center in a state with some of the highest incidences, mortalities, cancer disparities, and social vulnerability in the country.  We are building a team of population scientists and community health scientists, who, in partnership with clinical and basic scientists, highly engaged communities, and state leaders, are committed to making a difference in cancer outcomes. Our united goal is to successfully compete as the NCI-designated Cancer Center for the state of Louisiana in the coming years.

Current openings include:
Two open-rank faculty in community health sciences and policy with an emphasis on community engagement.
One open-rank faculty in community health sciences and policy with an emphasis on implementation science.
One open-rank faculty in environmental health with an emphasis on environmental justice and exposure.
Three open-rank epidemiology faculty, one specializing in environmental mixtures and cancer, one experienced in epigenetic (or multi-omics) studies, and one population sciences researcher proficient in mining LTR and other extensive databases and biospecimens for the benefit of cancer center researchers.
Two post-doc positions in cancer prevention and community engagement.

Infrastructure includes:

  1. Direct access to one of the leading statewide cancer registries in the country (managed by LSU)
  2. High engagement of legislators at local and state level
  3. Active LSU community outreach programs across all parishes (counties) throughout the state
  4. Adult and pediatric hospital partners that care for patients regardless of ability to pay
  5. Leadership commitment to establish population sciences core facilities
  6. Active Superfund projects
  7. Basic science and clinical researchers who are ready partners for collaborative research
  8. Engagement of Pennington Biomedical Research Center, the largest academic nutrition research center in the world

For more information, contact Dr. Donna Williams, Associate Director of Population Sciences and Community Outreach & Engagement,