Unsatisfied By E-Cig Manufacturers Efforts To Lower Teen Vaping, FDA Chief To Ask For Meeting With CEOs

“There’s no reason manufacturers must wait for #FDA to more forcefully address the epidemic” of teen vaping, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb tweeted. In other news on vaping, one man tells his story on how hard it is to stop.

The Hill: FDA Chief Calls For Meeting With CEOs Of E-Cigarette Companies Amid Crackdown  The head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday called for a meeting with executives from top e-cigarette companies to discuss their commitments to help stop a rise in teen vaping. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb suggested that some executives have backed down from their commitments. He said he will be sending letters asking the CEOs of vaping companies to meet to “discuss commitments they made last month, and why some are changing course.” (Weixel, 12/27)
USA Today: Quit Vaping: E-Cigarettes Spur Nicotine Withdrawal, Depression, Anxiety Andrea “Nick’ Tattanelli quit vaping in August. “Oh man,” the 39-year-old Kansas City man says. “It was hell.” The mortgage banker was depressed for three days. He felt a void in his life. “it’s delicious. It’s too attractive,” he says. “You don’t make something you can vape in a watermelon flavor and think people aren’t going to do it all the time.” (O’Donnell, 12/27)READ the entire article here