Some long-haul COVID patients report vaccines are easing their lingering symptoms

Many people coping with COVID-19 symptoms long after their infection say they are terrified of getting the COVID-19 vaccine, worried that the shot meant to protect them will make the debilitating symptoms worse. But some patients are actually reporting the opposite after their shots.

A Facebook group called “Survivor Corps” polled 962 COVID-19 long haulers and found 39% said they saw mild to full resolution of their lingering symptoms after they were vaccinated.

46% of people said they remained the same after their shot, 14% said they felt worse.

“For me, this is a miracle,” COVID long-hauler Kimberly Willis-Rinaldi told CBS News senior medical correspondent Dr. Tara Narula. “The viral conjunctivitis specifically in my right eye is gone. The rash that was on my back and on my arms and my neck, that’s gone.”

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