Should kids go trick-or-treating during a pandemic? Experts share their advice.

“Is your child trick-or-treating this year?” I asked this question of parents over text and Zoom, wondering whether I should allow my daughter to go house to house, grabbing candy and dumping it into a white pillowcase. Most didn’t know how to answer. Some said, “Maybe,” while others said, “No, I’m worried my son and daughter might catch the virus,” or answered with a sigh and said, “I just don’t know.”

The question many households are asking during Halloween 2020 — Should we let kids go trick-or-treating during the pandemic? — has no easy answer, like seemingly all questions related to the novel coronavirus. Outdoor activities are generally said to be safer than indoor ones. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released guidance on Halloween, saying that collecting candy door to door is high-risk.

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