Pakistan polio vaccination, shingles vaccine, heart and exercise prevention, World Health Day

Associated Press – Pakistan launches new polio vaccination drive

A Pakistani official says authorities have launched a new polio vaccination drive, aiming to reach 38.7 million children under the age of 5.

The New York Times – Why you should get the new shingles vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people 50 and older, including those previously immunized with Zostavax, should now get the Shingrix vaccine.

HealthDay – Exercise cuts heart risks, regardless of your genes

Staying physically fit can help ward off heart trouble, even if your genetics put you at higher risk for clogged arteries, a new, large study suggests.

Real Clear Politics – On World Health Day, are we ready for the next outbreak?

We don’t know what the next pathogen will be. We don’t know where it will come from, we don’t know when it will hit. But we are 100 percent certain that it will come.

The Washington Post – Anti-vaccine reviewers target children’s books on Amazon

As books rise higher in Amazon search results, they can attract the attention of anti-vaxxers who hope to influence the products that parents buy for their children.

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