The Next ‘Catastrophic’ Superbug To Worry About Is Perfect Storm Of Scary Characteristics

Scientists are eyeing the invasive fungus warily. In other public health news: gonorrhea, autism, marijuana and DUIs, weight loss, contraception and more.

Stat: A ‘Perfect Storm’ Superbug: How An Invasive Fungus Got Health Officials’ Attention
try as they might, the infection control specialists at Royal Brompton Hospital could not eradicate the invasive fungus that was attacking already gravely ill patients in the intensive care unit. … The lengths to which the Royal Brompton was forced to resort to rid the hospital of Candida auris — a member of a broader fungal family named Candida — raised red flags for the small community of scientists who study fungi that infect people. (Branswell, 7/31)

Stat: To Go After Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea, Partners Put A New Spin On Drug Development
That particular sexually transmitted infection is the target of a new drug being developed by Entasis, an antibiotics-focused spin-off from pharma giant AstraZeneca. But they’re getting help: their nonprofit partner, the Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership, will be funding the next round of trials and doing studies to ensure this drug keeps working for as long as possible. The partnership is GARDP’s first. (Sheridan, 7/31)