Louisiana will be able to conduct 200k tests per month soon, governor says

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said that starting in May the state expects to be able to test 200,000 residents per month, a level that he feels will allow the state to reopen the economy following the coronavirus outbreak, which has shut a large portion of it down for almost two months.

Edwards made the statement in a White House meeting with President Trump. Edwards thanked the president for help with Louisiana’s coronavirus outbreak and said that he thought the state had made great strides.

“We’ve obviously turned the corner. We’re in a much, much better place than we thought was possible five or six weeks ago.”

Earlier this week though, Edwards did extend the state’s Stay at Home mandate due to increases in cases in some areas of the state. He relaxed a few minor parts of the order, now allowing people to get meals from a restaurant and eat them on the property if the business has outdoor dining. He also said that shopping malls could offer curbside pickup.

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