FDA To Regulate Amount Of Nicotine In Cigarettes To Make Them Less Addictive

It will be the first time the government has gone beyond warning labels and taxes if the rule goes through.

Stat: The FDA Wants To Cut Cigarettes’ Nicotine Levels. Will That Help People Quit?
For the first time in history the Food and Drug Administration plans to regulate the level of nicotine in cigarettes, attempting to bring it down to “non-addictive” levels. The move, announced Friday, was praised by scientists — who also noted that there’s no consensus on what a “non-addictive” level of nicotine is. (Swetlitz, 7/31))

The Washington Post: FDA Aims To Lower Nicotine In Cigarettes To Get Smokers To Quit
The Food and Drug Administration said Friday it wants to reduce the nicotine in cigarettes to make them less addictive. The unexpected announcement sent shares of tobacco companies plummeting and sparked praise among some public health advocates. If successful, the effort would be the first time the government has tried to get the Americans to quit cigarettes by reaching beyond warning labels or taxes to attacking the actual addictive substance inside. (McGinley, 7/28)