Can leveraging women’s health care narrow gaps in black men’s health?

Many decades of research have shown that black men tend to have some of the worst health indicators among all racial and ethnic groups in America. A new brief from the American Public Health Association, “All Health is Connected: Can Leveraging Women’s Health Care Help Narrow Gaps in Black Men’s Health?” discusses a possible solution to these health problems. Can the health care community use prenatal and pregnancy care as an opportunity to also narrow gaps in black men’s health?

The report outlines a strategy involving health care providers in clinical and community settings. Providers work with women and their partners to uncover and address their family’s health challenges, tackling not just the family’s pregnancy-related health needs, but male family members’ health as well. This approach not only employs quality improvement and value-based care, but also acknowledges the root causes of intergenerational health disparities.

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