Population Health Management Rotation

The Population Health Management Program is a partnership between LSU Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, School of Public Health, and AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana. The rotation introduces LSU Health Sciences Center medical students and residents to Medicaid managed care and the concept of population health management. It also is a pathway for participants to learn about and be engaged in developing population health strategies to reduce cost, improve quality, and eliminate inequities. Upon completion of the rotation, participants will have a broad understanding of managed care operations, population health improvement concepts, and will be better suited to practice in collaboration with others to improve healthcare outcomes.

Participation in the Rotation Program is open to LSU 1st and 4th year medical students and Residents. Program participants spend 4 weeks in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana, a Healthy Louisiana Medicaid managed care organization. The organization employs an integrated behavioral and physical health model of care to address components of population health that impacts health outcomes of its members.  Rotation participants will experience a broad overview of clinical operations and have the opportunity for in-depth engagement into their area of interest. Available areas include:

  • Integrated Health Care Management
  • Quality / HEDIS
  • Utilization Management
  • Behavioral Health
  • Medical Economics
  • Value-Based Contracting
  • Health Equity

“My summer rotation at AmeriHealth Caritas was an excellent experience that taught me about the issues facing health care for Louisiana’s most vulnerable populations. Working at a Managed Care Organization gives a unique perspective on the intersection of health insurance, public health, and individual patient outcomes.”

Daniel McBride, Rotation Intern

Through their focused work in an area of interest, rotation participants learn first-hand about the membership population, the social and environmental factors that impact their health, and may design and work directly in community-based outreach improvement efforts.  Rotation participants may also spend time at the Medicaid agency of the Louisiana Department of Health.

In addition to a presentation at AmeriHealth Caritas to document project outcomes while at the rotation site, a text book – Managerial Epidemiology for Health Care Organizations – is required in order to complete a concise written report on one of the book’s case studies.

Compensation for medical students is $21/hour. Medical students can apply to participate in the summer following completion of all 1st year coursework. A requirement for 4th year medical students is to enroll in the Elective course – MED-420-Population Health Management.

Students interested in the program should contact the Population Health Management Rotation Program Director

Dr. Peggy Honoré
Program Director
504-568-5912 (Office)
770-241-8570 (cell)

Rotation Application (.pdf)