Peter Scharf, EdD, Adjunct Assistant Professor emphasizes the role data can play regarding policing communities

In the recent article reporting on the release of data, “Black people more likely to be stopped by NOPD than white people, Hispanics, data suggests”, Dr. Peter Scharf is quoted saying, “the data can shed some light on, but does not conclusively answer, a difficult question about policing facing many communities and the apparent racial disparity among NOPD stops: “What part of it is police responding to reality, and what part of it is over-expectation of wrongdoing by African Americans by the police?”

The article is recent release of data “based on New Orleans’ population, black people were slightly over represented among those stopped by New Orleans police in 2015, department statistics show. White people and Hispanics, in contrast, were stopped at slightly less proportions than their population rates, according to data released last week by the department.”