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Are you a student looking for a research opportunity?

Let SOAR match you!

Steps to Matching:

  1. Complete a Student Interest Form below.
    • After completing this form you will receive an email stating that you will be entered into the student database and that a SOAR member will be in touch with you. You will be matched with a Faculty member as soon as a match becomes available.
  2. You will be notified of a match via email from SOAR. You are required to meet with the faculty member to discuss the research project and objectives to ensure that the project is of interest to you and that the match is truly a “good fit”. Once you have met and agree to work together, the student- faculty research agreement form must be signed and returned to SOAR. The match is not solidified until the student- faculty research agreement form is signed and returned to SOAR. Prior to submission you have the opportunity to decline the match if you feel this research project does not match your interests, skill set or available time. If this is the case, please notify SOAR of the declination via email,
  3. Get to work!  You may start work as soon as the signed agreement is returned and approved by SOAR.

Below is a link to the SPH Faculty list which will provide you with faculty’s research and professional interests. This is not a list of faculty who are ready to be matched, it is simply to provide you information about research happening at the SPH.

SPH Faculty List

Student Accountability

It is the expectation that students who would like to participate in SOAR be mindful of their time and schedules. You should set realistic timelines to complete the assigned research. Many professors are under deadlines, therefore students who do not have time to complete certain tasks in a timely manner should not agree to such contracts. We want SOAR to be a success, therefore if you run into problems please let a SOAR leader know as soon as possible.

Students who do not uphold the agreements set forth in their contracts (i.e. missed deadlines) will be at risk for termination from SOAR. After the 2nd instance of not upholding the research agreement, the student will no longer be matched by SOAR and will be removed from the database. Therefore we again urge all interested students to be realistic when providing your availability to contribute to SOAR projects.

SOAR Student Interest Form