WELCOME to Pre-Orientation!

The following is link to Moodle to complete Pre-Orientation

We ask that you review all material in the Pre-Orientation Moodle site in advance to be prepared to your On-site orientation. Note that some modules are set-up as assignments and will track your completion once you have reviewed and/or completed the assignments.
Do not wait until the last minute! There is a lot of material to cover and complete.

Any form listed below can be completed and emailed to in advance of your arrival if you would like to have them available to be processed when you arrive at the School of Public Health Note this is a one-time printing convenience for you – all forms will need to be processed by you independently. This will also help you to expedite your registration to these offices and make your Orientation a better one. (Exception: Do not email the SPH Acceptable Use Policy form. Please follow the directions given in the assignment to complete this).

Sample list Online Presentations:

Following are series of pre-recorder presentation with important information from key offices at LSU Health Sciences Center. Please view each one of these recordings to complete this portion of Orientation. Additional information on the topic and documents are provided below under each presentation and links to each office.

LSUHSC Compliance Requirements
  • LSUHSC Compliance
    All faculty, staff, and students, full or part time, must complete assigned trainings in order to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations. To begin training, click on the link below and enter your User Name (LSU logon ID) and LSU logon password.
  • CITI Training
    All faculty, staff, and students involved in research must complete this assigned training to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations. This is requirement is to be completed prior to the beginning of Orientation and will allow you to be involved in research projects at LSU Health Sciences Center.Following is a link from the LSUHSC Office of Research Services with a step by step instructions: this portion will take 4.5 hours to complete. Use the following link to complete the CITI Training and select the Social & Behavioral Research (Initial Course) & Biomedical Research (Initial Course), both groups when selecting a course to complete on the CITI training site. :

Upon completion of CITI Training the certificate provided through the online module should be sent by email to Martha Cuccia or delivered to her office in the School of Public Health.

LSUHSC University Services & Centers
  1. Wellness Center
    1. Video Wellness Center
    2. Express Assumption of Risk
    3. Par-Q2
  2. University Parking Services
    1. Video Parking Services
    2. Student Parking Pre-Registration
  3. LSUHSC Library
    1. Library Patron Registration Form
    2. LSUHSC Academic Unit Patron Registration Form
  4. LSUHSC University Police
    1. Video LSUHSC University Police
    2. LSU Shield Mobile App
  5. LSUHSC Emergency Preparedness
  6. LSUHSC Campus Assistance
    1. Video LSUHSC Campus Assistance
    2. Peer Advocate Liaison Program (PAL)
  7. LSUHSC Student Health Services
    1. Video LSUHSC Student Health Services
  8. School of Public Health Office of Research
    1. Video School of Public Health Office of Research
  9. School of Public Health IT Computer Support
    1. Video SPH IT Support
    2. SPH Computer Support Page 
School of Public Health Referenced & Aid Materials
  1. SPH New Student Checklist File
  2. SPH Student Academic Handbook URL
  3. SPH Responsible Use Guidelines Social Media File – this form should be uploaded as part of the assignment in Moodle
  4. SPH Electronic Communications Acceptable Use Policy Form 
School of Public Health Office of Academic & Student Affairs Directions & Procedures  

Every fall semester all students must complete the three Business Forms listed below.  Completed forms should be email to Isabel Billiot to or hand deliver to her office to the School of Public Health, Lions Eye Center Building, 3rd Floor, Room 344, 2020 Gravier Street, New Orleans.

Do not send them to the Business Office.  Copies for your records and direct submission is handled through Academic & Student Affairs to each Business Office on your behalf.

  1. Authorization for the Use of Title IV (check one blank of your choice and print/sign your name as well as date note School of Public Health);
  1. Student Accident & Sickness form.  If you elect to use the LSUHSC health insurance, please complete Section I.  If you choose to waive the health insurance, sign Section II and submit a  copy of your current insurance card front and back); Please note: if you do not submit a copy of your private insurance card, your registration is not complete and your account will be blocked by the Business Office.                     
  1. Optional Fees Form (remember, if you have private insurance, you will be required to take the needle stick insurance).

The last day to register for courses is Tuesday August 14, 2018.  Fall classes begins on Wednesday August 15, 2018.

To view the fall course schedule click here.

Each semester all students will have two blocks on their account the Student Data Verification and the Advisor Hold.  Prior to registering your courses, you will need to complete the Student Data Verification Information. Once you complete this task, the first block will automatically remove itself.  Click here for Student Data Verification instructions and Online Class Enrollment.

To begin your registration please click on this link and login to Academic Self-Service using  your LSUHSC credentials.

After you added your courses in the shopping cart, you will need to schedule an appointment with your advisor.  Your advisor will help you with scheduling your courses.   Once your advisor approve your courses, he/she will remove the second block.

The LSU Health Sciences – New Orleans Campus is pleased to announce that credit card and E-check payments are available online for tuition and fee charges via Academic Self-Service.  Please keep in mind that these payments (credit cards or E-check payments) cannot be accepted in the Bursar Operations Office.

In addition, please note that a 2.5% processing fee will be added to credit card payments, however there is no fee associated with the E-check payments option.  See instructions on making e-payments via academic self-service for Student Electronic Pay.  Should you experience any problems please report to the Bursar Operations Office at NOBURSAR@LSUHSC.EDU.

Please note:  All tuition and fees must be paid in full by Tuesday August 14, 2018 the day before classes begins.